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Single Session Counselling


What to expect

We know that accessing multiple counselling sessions may not be possible for everyone. In a Single Session therapy session, you can expect to work collaboratively with your therapist and leave knowing that you have skills and resources to move forward, from one single session.

Some things to expect in a Single Session therapy session:

1. This session is focused on one specific problem. Your therapist will work collaboratively with you to decide how to focus your time in that session.

2. The session will be focused on finding solutions to the specific concern outlined in the beginning of the session.

3. You will leave the session with coping techniques, resources and feeling capable to navigate the identified concern.

While all of our clinicians are skilled in offering single session counselling, our Psychologist Fizza Khan and Counsellor Brad Yetman hold space in their schedules specifically for this offering and have evening and weekend availability.

If you would like more information on Solution Focused Single Session therapy, please contact us today.

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