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Psychological Assessment

At Repose Wellness Collective our psychological assessment practices align with our values. We respect and celebrate individual differences and listen to folks and their lived experiences. We view assessment as a tool for folks to better understand and celebrate their unique differences and to assist folks in accessing services and accommodations that are supportive. We use evidence based and diagnostically appropriate tools and ethical assessment practices. We provide a respectful and compassionate environment where folks can feel comfortable to show up as they are.  

What to Expect?

We offer ADHD, SLD, IDD, Behavioural, and Multidisciplinary Team Autism Assessment and Diagnosis. We value your comfort and aim to provide trauma-informed and neuro-affirming assessment in a calm and sensory-friendly environment. 

  • Free Connection Call: Have questions? Not sure where to get started or feeling overwhelmed? We encourage you to reach out for a complimentary assessment consultation


All assessments begin with an intake session with your psychologist. Intake can be completed in person or virtually. We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing and bring any items that will help you feel comfortable. You will meet with the psychologist to discuss your concerns and review medical, educational, and family background information. This is a crucial step as it helps the psychologist understand you or your loved one’s unique situation and goals for assessment. 


After the intake, your psychologist will advise you of what is required moving forward. Depending on the type of assessment this could include online assessments and questionnaires, in-person standardized assessment testing sessions or further interviews. 


Administration of various standardized psychological tests are tailored to your specific needs and concerns. These tests can cover a wide range of areas such as intelligence, personality, emotional functioning, attention, memory, and academic abilities. The tests used are carefully selected based on your individual circumstances, and they are designed to provide valuable insights into strengths, challenges, and overall functioning. Your psychologist may request previously completed assessments, school records and report cards, as applicable.


If the assessment requires in person testing, this testing process takes place in a comfortable, sensory friendly, and private setting. It may span over one or more sessions, depending on the complexity and scope of the assessment.  Your clinician will explain all of these steps in detail and what is expected to complete the assessment. Again, your comfort is a priority to us. Slippers and comfy clothes are encouraged! 


When “testing” is complete your psychologist will connect with you to schedule a time to meet with you again to discuss your assessment results. During this session, you will receive a detailed explanation of the assessment results. The psychologist will interpret the test scores, provide insights into your unique profile, and address any questions or concerns you may have. 


The feedback session will review any potential diagnoses and provide you with personalized recommendations. This will help identify areas of future support including referrals and other resources to identify treatment options. The feedback session is an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of yourself or loved one and to explore potential treatment options or recommendations based on the assessment outcomes.


You will receive the following:

  • A hard copy and digital copy of the confidential report 

  • A summary letter for your medical professional, if required

  • Detailed receipts for insurance reimbursement purposes

  • Connecting to resources or other treatment options

  • Signing of any forms or papers (Post Secondary Institutions, Canada Student Aid, Workplace Accommodations, Disability Tax Credit Form)

Summary of the Process

 Depending on the assessment measure, the core elements typically include the following:

  • Clinical interview: 1 hour to 1.5 hours  

  • Testing: 1-2 hours per session. Number of sessions vary (1-4 sessions)

  • Online assessments: questionnaires and/or behavioral checklists and screeners

  • File review: Review of school report cards/previously completed assessments 

  • Observations (if applicable)

  • Feedback session (1-2 hours)

  • Copy of report, receipt, accommodation forms, Disability Tax Credit Form (as applicable)

Meet Our Team

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